In a world of vanilla, we're rocky road.

Vanilla is fine.  Vanilla is nice.  It doesn't upset, offend or attract undue attention.  It's the Miss Congeniality of frozen treats.  

Rocky Road?  

It's not for everyone.   

Rocky Road doesn't sit in the corner, waiting to be asked to dance.  It's bustin' a move - eyes shut, hair whipping, arms in the air - grabbing more than its share of space, on a dance floor already ten people deep.  

Care to boogie?

Working with Kate is an insightful, entertaining and entirely professional experience. Having interviewed dozens of copywriters I can say with full confidence that Kate’s writing ability is as much a natural gift as it is a labour of love.
— Dion Lovrecich, Marketing Manager, Digital360.com.au


Kate Buckley is the copywriter behind Crackerjack.

In a former life, Kate worked as a business management consultant with Accenture and as a senior account executive with Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide.  Deep in the recesses of her closet, she has the shoulder pads to prove it.  She also has a wide breadth of experience in public relations and business writing, including press releases, articles, and annual reports.    

After a hiatus spent wrestling children into civility, she discovered copywriting.  Since May 2013, she has been providing bold digital content for websites and e-books.  Samples of her work appear here.  

She is also the author of the former lifestyle blog Eating The Daisies, excerpts of which have appeared in The New York Times, BlogHer, and Glamour

In 2006, Kate was one of the original Australian presenters personally trained by U.S. Vice-President Al Gore, to deliver a version of his An Inconvenient Truth presentation to the public.  She has addressed a collective audience of 2,000+ on the subject of climate change.  

Kate has both American and Australian citizenship.  At various times, she's been a union reformer, cook, tour guide, and fundraiser.  She's never short of a book recommendation, an opinion, or an appetite. 

Digital Content, With A Surprise On Every Page.